About us

We have the vision to keep hunting events in mind.

For this reason Deermapper was invented.

We made use of our years of experience in developing web applications and mobile apps to develop Deermapper. Through various discussions with hunters and hunting experts we could design features to your needs.

Meet the Team

Rainer Prüller

Dr. Rainer Prüller

Managing director

Florian Schöggl

DI Florian Schöggl

Mobile Development

Gregor Zahrer

Gregor Zahrer, MSc

Design and web development

Our services


Through the registration you have access to the Deermapper smartphone app and the Deermapper web application. You do not have to install any further software on your computer for running Deermapper.

Running Deermapper.

pentamap mapping services OG care about running Deermapper 24/7. Continuous digital hunting observations are ensured.


Through continuous development and free updates Deermapper is always at the latest state of technology.