The hunting diary

Deermapper is THE hunting diary to document your hunting events. Deermapper allows in an easy and efficient way to manage your observations and facilities in your hunting grounds. Capture your high seats, feeding stations and many more in Deermapper. Analyze your collected data and create reports to your needs.

At home ...

The Deermapper headquarter: All collected data converge here. Here you can capture and analyze your hunting events and facilities through your web browser. Highly accurate aerial photographs and maps showing all relevant hunting events such as your observations, shootings and feedings as well as your facilities like high seats, feeding station, game platforms, etc. Enter here your shooting plan, select the relevant species of game for your hunting ground or create custom reports.

... and in the ground

The Deermapper smartphone app allows the capturing of your hunting events and facilities. In the filed - even without GSM network. The data is stored under all circumstances locally on the smartphone. When a data connection is available the captured events and facilities are sent to the Deermapper headquarter. Therefore all colleagues invited to your hunting ground know what's happening outside.

Statistics & Analyses

Create with one click statistics about your hunting events. See at glance what happened in your hunting ground during the year. Deermapper LITE and Deermapper PRO also allows you to create a shooting plan for your hunting ground. Spatial distribution maps of observations and shootings give you an overview of hunting hot spots in your area.

Reports & Export

Easy and efficient creation of observation and shooting reports. Select from different export formats (pdf, Excel, ...) or export your collected data to Google Earth.

Common hunting management

Deermapper is ideal for working in a community hunting. Invite your hunting partner in your area - and you are always and everywhere informed about events. Assign permissions who is allowed to document and change hunting events in your area.

Available countries and regions

In the overview those countries or regions are shown for which Deermapper is regionalized so far. In addition to all Austrian federal states currently South Tyrol and all German states are available. Other regions and countries are implemented continuously. In the regionalization process all wild species are defined which can be hunted in your region or country .

Currently available countries


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