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12MP Trail Camera Standard Lense

319.90 EUR


12MP Trail Camera Wide-angle

319.90 EUR

Solar panel

Trail camera

59.90 EUR

Protective housing

Trail camera

39.90 EUR

Map of hunting ground

Analog map

349.90 EUR

* Payment 12 months in advance. After this time you can renew your license. Otherwise, the license will automatically be set to the free Deermapper license.


Deermapper features vary depending on the Deermapper license of a user. All basic functions of Deermapper are for free, for example to capture different events at the hunting ground or map hunting ground facilities. Deermapper LITE and Deermapper PRO offer additional functions for professional hunters to manage their hunting ground. Deermapper XL is a the combination of several Deermapper LITE and Deermapper PRO licenses for business users or larger hunting communities.

At home: webapplication
Outside: smartphone app
Free updates
Data capturing without GSM network
Data exchange App <> Web
Invite colleagues to your hunting ground
Manage community hunts
Capturing of observations, kills, facilities, ...
Capturing of forest roads, paths, recreation facilities, ...
High resolution aerial images
Topographic maps
Adjust game species to personal needs
Reservation of hunting facilities
Work time tracker
Extensive Statistics
Integration of several wireless trail cameras
Area measurement
Change hunting ground
Classify trail camera images
Create hunting ground
Create hunting ground sector
Create report
Create shooting plan
Distance measurement
Edit shooting plan
Edit user rights
Export data
Hunting ground border warning
Individual selection of event types
Individual selection of feeding types
Individual selection of object types
Individual selection of species
Individual selection of working types
Navigation to created objects
Show animal icons
Show heatmaps
Show hunting seasons
Show shooting plan
Show species information
Show statistics
Show sun & moon times
Show trail camera images
Show weather at hunting ground facility level
Show weather at hunting ground level
Sun- & Moon times date selection
Upload trail camera imges
Without ads
Game survey
Number users 1 1 1 On arrangement
Number hunting grounds 1 1 50 On arrangement
Number entries Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bilder aufnehmen pro Eintrag 1 5 50 Unlimited
Mothly fee € 0,00 € 2,90 € 7,90 from € 29,90
Deermapper Deermapper LITE Deermapper PRO Deermapper XL

Permissions at hunting ground

Deermapper offers the user roles 'Hunting Ground Manager', 'Hunter' and 'Hunting Guest'. Depending on this user role Deermapper users have different rights at a hunting ground. By default users are 'Hunting ground manager' after their Deermapper registration.

Hunting guest Hunter Hunting ground manager
Create carrion
Create feeding
Create flora
Create game indication
Create hunt
Create hunting ground facility
Create hunting ground sector
Create leisure facility
Create observation
Create report
Create reservation
Create shooting
Create work
Edit carrion
Edit feeding
Edit flora
Edit game indication
Edit hunt
Edit hunting ground
Edit hunting ground facility
Edit hunting ground sector
Edit leisure facility
Edit observation
Edit reservation
Edit shooting
Edit shooting plan
Edit trail camera image
Edit user rights
Edit user role
Edit work
Export data
Invite hunting colleagues
Manage hunting ground
Query statistics
Show carrion
Show feeding
Show flora
Show game indication
Show hunt
Show images to carrion
Show images to feeding
Show images to flora
Show images to game indication
Show images to hunt
Show images to hunting ground facility
Show images to leisure facility
Show images to observation
Show images to reservation
Show images to shooting
Show images to work
Show leisure facility
Show observation
Show reservation
Show shooting plan
Show shootings
Show trail camera image
Show work
Upload trail camera image

Frequently asked questions

How can I pay the fees?

You pay the fees in advance. Before the licence ends you will receive a reminder by email to extend the license further. If you do not renew your license, your license will automatically be reset to the free Deermapper license.

What's unlimited?

Unlimited number means that there are no restrictions on the number of entries.

Are there costs for updates?

Deermapper updates (hunting app and web application) will not be charged. Deermapper is continually evolving. The enhancements are provided free of charge.

Is there a minimum contract period?

In Deermapper there is no minimum contract period. If you do not make any advance, your account will automatically reset to the free Deermapper licence.

Can I upgrade my licence?

Deermapper licences can be upgraded. You choose your new license in the license manager, pay the fees and here we go!

What happens with my annual fee?

Through the annual fee the operation of Deermapper can be ensured. On the other hand Deermapper will continually be evolved. These developments and improvements are passed directly to the Deermapper user.

What about data security?

All data is managed in accordance with all privacy policies and confidentiality with the best knowledge and belief.