Deermapper App features

Deermapper features vary depending on the Deermapper license of a user.

Deermapper BASIC
All basic functions of Deermapper BASIC are for free, for example to capture different events at the hunting ground or map hunting ground facilities.

Deermapper LITE
Deermapper LITE offers all the functions of Deermapper BASIC, plus some more functions. Deermapper LITE is advertising free.

Deermapper PRO
Deermapper PRO offers all functions of Deermapper LITE, as well as many functions for the professional management of your hunting ground.

Deermapper Smartphone Übersicht

Deermapper ADMIN
Deermapper ADMIN offers all functions of Deermapper PRO, additionally you can manage licences of fellow hunters. The holder of an ADMIN license can manage a pool of LITE, PRO and BUSINESS licences. We offer staggered prices for the purchase of several licences. The cost calculator gives an overview of the licence fees.

Deermapper BUSINESS
Deermapper BUSINESS extends Deermapper TEAM with the possibility of extensive operational requirements. Different user levels can be created and evaluated separately. We are happy to create an individual offer on Request.

Overview of licensing law

A detailed overview of all the functions of Deermapper can be found in the following table.

Functions Deermapper Deermapper LITE Deermapper PRO Deermapper ADMIN Deermapper BUSINESS
Access to documents
All basemaps
Area measurement
Change hunting area
Change hunting ground
Classify trail camera images
Confirm acceptance of feeding place
Confirm events
Confirm work planning
Create ammunition
Create a shooting plan for each hunter
Create carrion
Create dogs
Create dog tracker
Create feedings
Create flora & others
Create game indications
Create group of shootings
Create hunt
Create hunting area
Create hunting ground
Create hunting ground sector
Create hunting planning
Create leisure facilities
Create observations
Create report
Create rifles
Create shooting plan
Create shootings
Create sittings
Create work planning
Create work services
Customize order of main menu
Customize the order of dashboard widgets
Distance measurement
Edit cash book
Edit shooting plan
Edit user rights
Export data
Export shooting plan
Game meat processor
Hunting ground border warning
Individual area settings
Individual object colors
Individual selection of cashbook entry types
Individual selection of event types
Individual selection of feeding types
Individual selection of object types
Individual selection of species
Individual selection of working types
JIS Lower Austria - CSV export
Live event
Manage user licenses
Navigation to created objects
Night mode
Offline maps
Reserving hunting facilities
Search function
Select hunter to shooting
Show animal icons
Show cash book
Show heatmaps
Show hunting seasons
Show shooting plan
Show species information
Show statistics
Show sun & moon times
Show trail camera images
Show weather at hunting ground facility level
Show weather at hunting ground level
SMS remote control
Sun- & Moon times date selection
Upload document, e.g. Guidelines, resolutions, minutes of meetings, ...
Upload trail camera imges
Weather for point
Without ads

Permissions at hunting ground

Deermapper offers the user roles ‘Hunting manager’, Hunting ground manager’, ‘Hunter’ and ‘Hunting Guest’. Depending on this user role Deermapper users have different rights at a hunting ground. By default users are ‘Hunting ground manager’ after their Deermapper registration.

Overview of user roles

In Deermapper, a distinction can be made between the user roles 'District Manager', 'Hunter' and 'Hunting Guest'. Depending on the user role, Deermapper users have different rights in the hunting area. By default, Deermapper users have the user role 'District Manager' after registration. With the licenses ADMIN and BUSINESS these user roles can be customized for a hunting ground. For example, it is possible to give a hunting guest more rights than defined by default. This gives you the possibility to adapt all user roles according to the requirements in your hunting ground.

Functions Hunting guest Hunter Hunting ground manager Hunting manager
Access to documents
Capture hunt planning
Confirm acceptance of feeding place
Confirm events
Confirm work planning
Create carrion
Create feeding
Create flora
Create game indication
Create group shooting
Create hunt
Create hunting ground facility
Create hunting ground sector
Create hunting planning
Create leisure facility
Create observation
Create report
Create reservation
Create shooting
Create work
Edit carrion
Edit cash book
Edit feeding
Edit flora
Edit game indication
Edit group shooting
Edit hunt
Edit hunting ground
Edit hunting ground facility
Edit hunting ground sector
Edit hunt planning
Edit leisure facility
Edit observation
Edit reservation
Edit shooting
Edit shooting plan
Edit trail camera image
Edit user rights
Edit user role
Edit work
Edit work planning
Export data
Export shooting plan
Game meat processor
Individual area settings
Invite hunting colleagues
Manage hunting ground
Query statistics
Record work planning
Show carrion
Show cash book
Show feeding
Show flora
Show fotos for work planning
Show fotos to group shooting
Show game indication
Show group shooting
Show hunt
Show images to carrion
Show images to feeding
Show images to flora
Show images to game indication
Show images to hunt
Show images to hunting ground facility
Show images to leisure facility
Show images to observation
Show images to reservation
Show images to shooting
Show images to work
Show leisure facility
Show observation
Show photos of hunt planning
Show reservation
Show shooting plan for all users
Show shooting plan for hunter
Show shooting plan for hunting ground
Show shootings
Show trail camera image
Show work
Show work planning
Upload document, e.g. Guidelines, resolutions, minutes of meetings, ...
Upload trail camera image
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