Hunting management - benefit from our software-based solution

Hunting management is easier thanks to Deermapper. We help you reduce your administrative workload and benefit from all the advantages of a professional hunting ground management software. With this offer, we are targeting hunting operations and societies, hunting clubs and other hunting communities.

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Our hunting ground management software enables the central recording of shootings and many other data and events. You can record the various work performances in detail and carry out additional data collection. If you are interested in this, we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you. This is tailored to the needs of your farm, your hunting community or your gamekeeper’s association.

Hunting management - all tools for documentation, analysis and export

You record all data directly at your hunting ground. This works thanks to the hunting management app, which we offer for iOS and Android. It is stored on our servers so that you can use it later in the office. Map the conditions on the farm via different usage rights.

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If you already have GIS data, you can integrate it into Deermapper. This means that existing hunting ground boundaries and the existing hunting ground facilities can be taken into account immediately. Our hunting management software is designed to simplify all tasks as much as possible.

Community licenses for farms and hunting companies

Our community licenses Deermapper ADMIN and Deermapper BUSINESS allow easy license management of any number of hunters in farms, hunting clubs, game reserves and other hunting communities. The Deermapper ADMIN and Deermapper BUSINESS licenses also offer extended functions for farms and hunting communities to keep the administrative effort as low as possible.

Whether it is the central recording of shootings incl. shooting plans, the detailed recording of work performances or the data evaluation across several hunting grounds – Deermapper ADMIN and Deermapper BUSINESS offer a variety of useful functions from app-based recording to back-office software solutions. A detailed overview of the different license functions can be found under App functions.

License Management – The administrator of a community hunt acts as the central administrator of Deermapper licenses in the hunting community. The administrator of the hunt is provided with a Deermapper ADMIN or a Deermapper BUSINESS license.

All other hunters in the hunting community are provided with Deermapper LITE or Deermapper PRO licenses. The administrator can use the Deermapper license management to allocate the licenses available in the hunting community to the fellow hunters. A change, an exchange or a passing on of licenses within the hunting community is possible at any time and as often as desired.


The hunt manager is equipped with a Deermapper ADMIN for 149,90  / year or a Deermapper BUSINESS for 299,90  / year. All other hunters are equipped with a Deermapper LITE or a Deermapper PRO license.

When purchasing a Deermapper ADMIN or Deermapper BUSINESS license for the district administrator, a 50% discount will be applied to the purchase of Deermapper LITE or Deermapper PRO licenses. A Deermapper LITE therefore costs 19.95 € per year within a hunting community, a Deermapper PRO costs 39.95 € per year.

A detailed overview of the different license functions can be found here under App Functions.

With Deermapper ADMIN or Deermapper BUSINESS you can customize Deermapper to your business needs. Would you like to learn more about the pricing structure of our software? Do you have further questions about the management of your business, your hunting club, your game reserve and your hunting community? Contact us and learn more about our professional software for hunting ground management!

Price example 1: You are a hunting company with several hunting grounds. The hunt manager and the 10 hunters in the different hunting grounds would be best served here with 1 Deermapper BUSINESS and 10 Deermapper PRO licenses:

1x BUSINESS á 299,90 € + 10 x PRO á 39,95 = 699,40 € / year

Pricing example 2: You are a community hunt with 25 people. The hunt leader with 1 Deermapper ADMIN license manages 24 Deermapper LITE licenses for all hunters:

1x ADMIN á 149,90 € + 24 * 19,95 € = 628,70 €

Price example 3: You are a tenant community with 3 fixed hunting colleagues and 3 people who only occasionally hunt with you. The administrator buys 1 Deermapper ADMIN and 3 Deermapper LITE licenses. He assigns the LITE licenses with the Deermapper license management to the fellow hunters as needed:

1x ADMIN á 149,90 € + 3 x LITE á 19,95 € = 209,75 €.

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