Trail camera – we have the complete package for you

Use the advantages of our trail camera for hunting. For larger grazing areas and the detection of animals from a distance of 15 metres in high quality, we offer the normal angle camera Habicht. It has a viewing angle of 52 degrees. If you need a wider viewing angle of 100 degrees, go for the wide-angle camera Kauz. It is the right choice for feeding.


We cover your needs with our wildlife cameras and offer the complete package. This includes unlimited image transmission of up to one image per minute. This is included in Deermapper LITE for one year. Our company is based in Graz and takes care of customers throughout Austria, Germany and Europe with its innovative offers.

Trail camera – our offer for sustainable hunting documentation

We deliver our wildlife cameras with a 4 GB SD card and twelve AA batteries. If you wish to extend the complete package after the first year, you pay 4.90 euros per month. Note that the number of images is not limited with this offer. You can transfer as many shots as you like to the Hunting Management App.

Jäger Wildkamera

You can view your images taken with the trail camera directly in the app. Camera and software are optimally coordinated. You can use all the functions of Deermapper in the app for the camera. Thanks to our solution, you are more productive on the road in everyday life.

Wildlife camera - switch on and get started

You can define the authorised recipients for each camera. The WebApp and Deermapper for iOS and Android offer you the possibility to do this. Those who are authorised can have the captured images displayed in their app. The number of people you can forward to is not limited.

Wildkamera Aufnahme

We deliver the trail camera to you completely set up. Set up the trail camera in the app and activate it. Nothing more is required for use. The recorded images are transmitted directly to the respective app.

Contact us and learn more about the advantages of the trail camera!

Automatic detection with artificial intelligence

We have been working on AI models for automatic object detection in trail camera images for a long time. As a first step, we can detect people, vehicles, wildlife, and blank images with very high hit rates.

With the results of the AI it is possible, among other things, to filter the images according to certain criteria. It is now possible, for example, in the image overview to filter out all empty images or only display images with animals.

Wildkamerabild mit Detektion

Our algorithms work with both Deermapper cameras and cameras from other manufacturers that can be integrated into Deermapper as external cameras.

However, our work on AI models is only at the beginning. We are very optimistic that we will be able to present ever more comprehensive and better AI methods in the coming months. This includes the reliable detection of game species, a differentiation of sex and much more.

Technical details

Image sensor
5/8/12 Megapixel
Normal lense with 100° (Model Habicht)
Wide lense with 52° (Model Kauz)
Flash light
Range about 20 meters
58 infrared LEDs
Tripping speed
0.35 - 0.45 seconds
Full-HD 1080P (1920 x 1280)
Video length
5 - 60 seconds (individually adjustable)
Recording medium
4 GB SD card (up to 32GB possible)
3G (UMTS), A1 SIM card
MMS, FTP, SMTP (Email, multiple receivers possible)
SMS control
Tripping, alarming and setting via SMS possible
Power supply
12 AA batteries(included)
Solar panel: 12V/ 1~2A DC (optional available)
English, German, French, Spanish
Standby time
5 – 8 month
Operation range
-25°C to 60°C
Splash-proof and dust-proof IP 66
300g without batteries
2“ LCD color display, password protection possible
Additional equipment
Mounting material, Instruction manual

Available countries and regions

Deermapper wireless trail cameras can be operated in following 30 European countries:

Austria, Germany, Italy, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

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