FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How can I pay the fees?

You pay the fees in advance. Before the licence ends you will receive a reminder by email to extend the license further. If you do not renew your license, your license will automatically be reset to the free Deermapper license.

What's unlimited?

Unlimited number means that there are no restrictions on the number of entries.

Are there costs for updates?

Deermapper updates (hunting app and web application) will not be charged. Deermapper is continually evolving. The enhancements are provided free of charge.

Is there a minimum contract period?

In Deermapper there is no minimum contract period. If you do not make any advance, your account will automatically reset to the free Deermapper licence.

Can I upgrade my licence?

Deermapper licences can be upgraded. You choose your new license in the license manager, pay the fees and here we go!

What happens with my annual fee?

Through the annual fee the operation of Deermapper can be ensured. On the other hand Deermapper will continually be evolved. These developments and improvements are passed directly to the Deermapper user.

What about data security?

All data is managed in accordance with all privacy policies and confidentiality with the best knowledge and belief.

Questions about the Deermapper cameras

What are the costs of operating Deermapper cameras?

The purchase price includes the GSM fees and the Deermapper App for one year. Then you can extend the subscription monthly for 4.90 € and you can also cancel monthly.

Is there a limit of max. transferable images?

No. You can transfer as many images per month as you need.

Which telecommunications providers are supported?

The camera is not limited to any provider. Every GSM network on the market is supported. We generally deliver the cameras with A1 SIM cards. On request, we can also provide cards from other providers.

How does the integration of external cameras in Deermapper work?

When you create a camera in Deermapper you have to provide the email address of the camera. Through this email address images that are sent to ‘wildkamera@deermapper.net’ can be clearly associated with the camera in the field and the Deermapper user as well.

Why did we choose SMS-based control of our cameras?

With the Deermapper App, the most important settings of our cameras can be changed via SMS and LIVE photos can be taken.

We opted for SMS-based control because this keeps the costs for the camera owner as low as possible. Most mobile phone tariffs usually have a large number of included SMS that can be used to control the camera or request LIVE photos.

This means that the camera owner does not incur any additional costs that would be incurred with direct control within the app.

How can I control my camera via SMS?

To do this, you must enter the phone number of your mobile phone in the app.

In the detailed view of the camera, if the phone number is not stored, there is a phone symbol with a call sign. If you press it, a dialog opens in which you can enter your phone number.

To control the camera, you can access the camera parameters in the detailed view of the camera via the menu at the top right via “Settings”.

With the 3.5G cameras, we also recommend the setting that sent SMS are read out immediately. By default, SMS are only read after a photo has been sent. To do this, you must set the “Immediate” option in the camera menu under 3G > SMS. This makes it possible to request a LIVE photo directly.

How can I see the status of my cameras in the app?

In the Deermapper app you can see the current battery status, network reception, SD card memory usage, temperature and, for the 4G cameras, the GPS position for each camera.

The prerequisite for this is that the camera sends a daily report. This setting can be found on the 3.5G cameras in the camera menu under 3G > Daily report. There you can set a time when this daily report should be sent.

With our 4G cameras, nothing else needs to be set.

What are the return conditions after purchasing a camera?

You can return any wildlife camera purchased from us within 30 days without giving any reason. The money you paid will be refunded immediately.

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